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April 9th, 2010

Mcculloch Engine

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Mcculloch Engine

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Free Automated Linking These services need many of websites to work right. To get lots of websites, they offer the service for free. The catch is that you need to link back to the other websites. As you may know, reciprocal links are discounted relative to one way links. But reciprocal links are better than no links and so these services work.

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Installation Web servers are hard to configure! Automated linking services use dynamic content to build link pages on the fly. This allows the content of a links page to be determined by a database running on another server somewhere else on the Internet. Without the use of dynamic content, these services could not work. Dynamic content is much different and far more complex than a normal HTML webpage. I'm sorry, but this subject is beyond the scope of this article. But don't fear, using an automated linking service is not that complex. A simple understanding of web servers and access to a FTP client is all you need.

Ease Of Use How hard is it to setup the service and how easy is it to use. This is an important issue none the less. The older and better established services have had more time to refine their user interface. Newer services that are still in the process of development can be a real pain to work with.

Website Integration How well the links page can be integrated into your website or blog is important for a few reasons. First being simply that we want to be able to control the look and format of our links page. If you have a nice website that you spent days, week or even months building, you want a links page that will fit in and look like the rest of your website. If you make money with Google AdSense, it is vital that you have control over how your pages look, even your links page. Second reason is for search engine optimization. Any webmaster will want to control the meta tags on your links page. You will also want to ad some text to your links so that it's not exactly the same as all other link pages using the service.

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Control Over Linking Partners Linking to websites that have nothing to do with the subject matter of your site can cause problems with the search engines. So control over who you link to is important for most people. If you run a directory listing all kinds of website, it may not be a problem.

Multiple Data Fields The text used within the links to your website is very important. If you have thousands of links pointing to your website and all of them use the same anchor text in the link, the search engines may discount the links. The ability to use multiple data fields for the anchor text allows you to avoid this problem. Some of the automated linking services allow you to enter up to five text strings for your anchor text. Then when the link page is displayed, the anchor text within your links is not always the same.

Security The automated linking services do a great job of making sure nobody cheats the system. Although there is at least one way to game the system. Visit http://linkfusion.wordpress.com/ for more information.Robert McCulloch is a Blackhat SEO specialist and webmaster in San Diego, CA that specializes in Open Source Applications and SEO Automation. http://designweaver.info

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Robert McCulloch is a Blackhat SEO specialist and webmaster in San Diego, CA that specializes in Open Source Applications and SEO Automation. http://designweaver.info

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